Although the mailing address was "Seefeld" when we moved here some 37 years ago, we actually live in Oberalting, not far from the parish church of  St. Peter and Paul which will be celebrating its 1200th anniversary  in 2004!  Before the church hall (Martin-Luther-Haus) was built 20 years ago (with Deloyce's help!) the Protestants held church services every two weeks in the impressive Bavarian baroque catholic church.

Gemeinde Seefeld, Oberalting

More than half a dozen villages, including Oberalting, are now combined to form the little town of  Seefeld (current population circa 6,000) which has a total of six churches and chapels, two grade schools, a number of shops and a small ( 72 bed-) hospital (where Deloyce volunteers).  The town takes its name from the Seefeld Castle which indeed is connected to the famous  Seefeld in the Tyrol, from whence came the first noble family.  For several centuries now, the Toerring counts have lived in the Castle and the family still plays a role in the community.

Seefeld Castle

When Deloyce was looking for a name for her Kennel, over 25 years ago, she checked at the surveyor’s office to look at the original names of the fields and pastures on the side of the village where our house was built.  From earliest times, the farmhouses and barns were generally grouped together in a little village (for protection) and the fields and pastures (which might have been some distance from the farmhouses) had distinctive names.  The slope where our house stands was called “ der Bauernbreite,” so, since the Bernese Mountain Dogs were originally farm dogs (“Bauer” is German for “farmer”) it proved to be the perfect kennel name!

Schweizer Sennenhund Verein

für Deutschland e. V.

Landesgruppe Bayern-Süd

Our favourite destination – a pleasant 2-hour walk down country lanes and through the woods – accompanied by our dogs, of course – is the Benedictine monastery of Andechs.  The monks are famous not only for their beer, but their modern approach to retreats, which includes a considerable number of courses for managers!

This past summer, the 100 year rail service between Munich and Herrsching on Ammersee, was celebrated with picturesque (sooty!) steam engines making the run.

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